Friday, 11 December 2009

Vain Princess and She-bear

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

"mi corazon"Pen on paper(sold)
*****Love,Hammers and Knives******
When i was a child,I used to play with hammers and knives
Seeking my reflection in a cold steel
Drowning in a silky stickiness
Two blue blades were staring back at me

Wish I could remember my name
your name,names of my parents
my mind is pitch black
my voice drills holes in the corners of your eyes

How many teardrops have left
till we go lying in the ground like treasures
you whispering in my ear dirty secrets
and im poking your eyes out with silver hooks

Green and Greedy
were both part of my show.
GG-colored pencils&ink
H-D- pastels&ink
for sale
Blind Magic- colored pencils& ink,for sale
****The Sorrow Monster****
Squeezing my heart with your giant claws
you come to me,The Sorrow Monster
Stepping on my chest with your soft,cold feet

I always feel your presence
it tickles till it hurts,scratches till the skin comes off
little by little-slowly torturing
your needle goes deep-deep into my heart

You taught me how to play harp
made of the bones that belong to bald skeletones
you told me to play a sad melody

till my fingers turn to butterflies
till my eyes turn to sand
till my voice dries in my throat

And maybe then you will leave me
go far,far away to bother someone else
I will watch with hollow tunnels for eyes
how the wheel of time spins its circles
Till the end of everything....

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Midnight Lover
Pirate Nurse Red Cross 911

lobster girl

colored pencils&ink-this one is sold to my dear friend Lindsey